Wise man said, don’t forget the history. Today you are standing here,  there must be a cause and there is a story.

Likewise with INL.

Manager & Deputy Project Manager for Refinery Development PT. INL Mr. Munir & Mr. Ukri on May 14 2018
First export of olein to Pakistan, from Belawan sea port at 8 March 2019
Founder and 1st director of PT. INL Mr. Suwondo took a photo with the Head of the Production Division, Mr. Raja Martin Girsang at the time of the first export of olein 8 March 2019.
The first filling of Salvaco cooking oil by Interim Director, Mr. Danny Suryadharma on 27 February 2020
Interim Director of PT. INL, Mr. Danny Suryadharma with Salvaco Cooking Oil which is ready to be marketed on 27 February 2020.
A friendly evening with the 3 best Salvaco Distributors with Director of PT. INL Mr. Hasyim Toriq and National Sales Manager Mr. Achmad Dipowiro on 19 February 2021.
Best Distributor 1 - 2020 CV. Febby Pratama, (Binjai & Langkat Area), Mr. Suherman photo with the management of PT. INL

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