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In order to meet the domestic demand for cooking oil, INI has produced and marketed international quality retail cooking oil with the trademark Nusakita,  Salvaco and INL Brand

To market these retail products, we use a distribution network through experienced distributors in their respective areas. We open wide opportunities for official companies who are committed to becoming distributors while the area does not have a distributor or based on our assessment, the area needs additional distributors. For complete information about distributors, please contact our customer service now.

Nusakita premium cooking oil is produced from selected palm fruit sent directly from various regions of the Motherland and is produced through modern refining technology followed by the best quality control to ensure premium quality. Nusakita premium cooking oil is the largest business segment (80%) for PT Perkebunan Nusantara so there is no doubt about its quality assurance. There are so many types of oil on the market that people have to choose wisely. The selection of superior seeds of good quality from the start followed by a certified production process makes Nusakita premium cooking oil superior among other cooking oils.

Nusakita cooking oil is packaged in 1 and 2 liter standing pouches. This premium cooking oil has been marketed in Jabodetabek through our distributor CV. Cipta Usaha Nagari, located in Bekasi, West Java.

Salvaco Cooking Oil

Salvaco is cooking oil that is processed from selected palm fruit which is processed by experienced experts to produce cooking oil with export quality.

Iodine Value 60 specifications, it is an illustration that this oil is not easily blackened when used. Cloudy Point 7 is an illustration of this oil will clump a little at a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius.

Salvaco’s main target market is Middle Up Customers.

Currently Salvaco has been marketed in almost all of North Sumatra,  Aceh, Riau mainland, Riau Islands,  West Sumatra, Tanah Karo and Jakarta

Salvaco packaging is 1 liter Standing Pouch and 2 Liter Standing pouch.

INL Brand

INL, wants to play on all segment market, in accordance with its vision to become a provider of quality and sustainable cooking oil. As we all know, the Nusakita and Salvaco brands are produced to meet the demand for the domestic middle-up market target, however, INL has also enlivened the cheaper cooking oil market to meet the middle-low market demand.
On December 15, 2021, we have launched the INL brand with pillow packs of 900 mL, 450 and 250 mL. In the near future we will soon produce INL brand with 1.8 Liter and 900mL standing pouch packaging which will enliven the variety of cooking oil in Indonesia.

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