Industry Nabati Lestari as a palm oil refinery and fractionation industry stated that it would ensure that all processes at PT. Industry Nabati Lestari and suppliers:

  1. Committed to sourcing sustainable palm oil from physically certified parties and will continue to offer certified products according to customer demand.
  2. PT Industri Nabati Lestari will ensure that crude palm oil in the supply chain is traceable and will publish reports on a regular basis.
  3. PT Industri Nabati Lestari plans to use the Mass Balanced Supply Chain Model but will take materials/resources from Mass balance and/segregated factories.
  4. Industri Nabati Lestari will be transparent and open about commitments with customers, retailers, partners, and the community by publishing and reporting in detail the company’s supply chain.
  5. Industri Nabati Lestari will work with suppliers to verify that palm oil production meets the policy requirements set by INL, including no deforestation and climate change impacts, respect for human rights, and work with key stakeholders, NGOs, communities, and governments to continue improve responsible sourcing practices.
  6. Complying with laws and regulations including customer requirements and evaluating as evidence of compliance with applicable laws and regulations and including customer requirements.
  7. Committed to be the leading sustainable palm oil processing industry and able to meet local and international needs by building an integrated palm oil processing industry and its derivatives, managing the business based on the principles of “Good Corporate Governance” and producing products that meet health standards at competitive prices.

Sei Mangkei, December 2, 2020

Industry Nabati Lestari 

Hasyim Toriq


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